Facebook turning people into narcissists

Jack Mc Glynn, ClickOnline.com

, Last Updated: 1:18 PM ET

A media expert from the University of London suspects that Facebook is churning out a user-base filled with narcissists.

University of London's Victoria Mapplebeck basically postulates that by making even the most mundane detail of our life seem unduly grand for our digital audiences, our egos are becoming artificially bloated.

"How do we curate our lives online? How honest are we about our lives on social media? Facebook profiles and postings often seem relentlessly upbeat. We create an avatar of our lives, an avatar who is slimmer, has more friends, a better love life and a better job than we do,"

She expands on the topic by focusing on the notorious Facebook Like button,

"There is no place to describe our deficiencies, only space to paint a rather superficial and idealized portrait of our digital lives... It will always be quicker to log onto Facebook than arrange to meet with friends in person or even to ring them. But by endlessly taking the digital short cut, perhaps we are beginning to expect more from technology and less from each other,"