Download and print your very own Honda concept car

Mark O'Beirne,

, Last Updated: 1:32 PM ET

Honda released the 3D printing data for five of its concept cars, including the recent NSX concept to 1994's FSR Concept, for free. This enables anyone with a 3D printer to make their own versions of these concept cars at home.

The company says that people can download the designs, re-imagine them according to their own vision, and then share those creations with the world. Honda encourages its engineers to come up with "the most radically innovative Concept Cars they can imagine," so it should be interesting to see what home printers come up with.

This drive could also help Honda talent scout. As the company's website says, "You may discover that you have what it takes to become the go-to car designer or engineer of tomorrow.'"Head to now to get your hands on the 3D printing data for Honda's concept cars.