Photoshop expert fulfils a grandmother's dying wish

Mark O'Beirne,

, Last Updated: 2:23 PM ET

An Internet user turned to Taiwanese website Mobile01 seeking help to fulfil his grandmother's dying wish. And the result was amazing and heartwarming.

With his grandmother essentially on her deathbed, he posted on the site to say that her family meant the world to her and she would spend all of her time thinking of them. She had a black-and-white photograph that had been taken 70 years ago, and one final wish: "I wish I could see my family clearly again like we were at that time."

As the grandchild did not have any image processing skill of his own, he turned to the internet for help. Three hours later he received a colourized image from an anonymous poster with the message, "I had to make my best guess at what all the colours actually were. Eh, it was pretty difficult... *sweating* If you could confirm the colour arrangements, I can make the necessary alterations."

There was no need for alterations; the grandmother was delighted with the resulting photograph and was able to reminisce about the years gone by and things that she had done with her family. Nice to see the users of the Internet put their talents to good use and create such a touching story in the meantime.