Sweden fines a pirate more than $700Gs for sharing a single film

Jamie Lumsden, ClickOnline.com

, Last Updated: 10:05 AM ET

Sweden has been a hot bed for the struggle between media pirates and international copyright law for quite some time now and was once the home of the infamous Pirate Bay torrent site.

Continuing on with the conflict, Sweden has fined an unnamed 28-year old male 4.3 million krona ($700,912), for uploading a single movie to an unidentified torrent site. The anti-piracy group known as Rights Alliance has described the man in question as Sweden's "worst ever" pirate, according to a report by the BBC.

The court that issued the staggering fine also previously found the same man guilty of sharing 517 other movies but decided on a pretty light punishment that included a suspended jail sentence and 160 hours of community service.

The lesson must not have taken, since he apparently went right back to pirating, which might explain the hefty fine he was issued.