Facebook announces new 97.25% accurate facial recognition tech


, Last Updated: 4:07 PM ET

The social network announced that its analysts have developed Deepface, a new facial recognition technology that is almost as accurate as human perception.

The new program, created by four artificial intelligence analysts, is accurate around 97.25% of the time, or almost as often as human perception, which is estimated to be around 97.5% accurate.

Developed using a dataset of 4 million images of 4,000 faces, Deepface corrects the angle of each face analyzed before comparing it to a 3D model of the average face. The program then assigns a numerical description that allows the face to be compared to other images.

It remains to be seen how Facebook will put the newly developed technology to use. For the time being, the social network has not announced when and how Deepface could become available to its 1.23 billion users.