Could this new blow-dryer for your body replace bath towels?

Body Dryer Rev 2 screenshot video. (2014 Vimeo, LLC. All rights reserved.)

Body Dryer Rev 2 screenshot video. (2014 Vimeo, LLC. All rights reserved.)


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A new high-speed dryer for your body could mean you never need to towel off after the shower again.

Functioning in a similar way to high-speed blow-dryers for hands, Body Dryer is a device which claims to leave users completely dry in just 30 seconds, eliminating the risk of contact with bacteria associated with using towels.

Users stand on a platform while compressed ionized hot or cold air is forced upwards at strategic angles, causing water to run downwards off the body.

The invention of Tyler Ovek and his development team, the concept could provide an environmentally friendly alternative to towels, and could certainly save shelf space in the average bathroom.

"We realized that there are so many germs, so much bacteria that we are re-using and putting back on to our bodies after we've cleaned ourselves," explains Ovek, who hopes eventually to adapt the concept to make it suitable for use in gyms or public pools.

After two years in the making, the project is set to launch a campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo this April in order to move into the first stages of production.

Body Dryer is estimated to retail at an estimated price of $250 US. Early pledgers will be able to secure the product for $125.

Watch the Body Dryer in action: