Tindergarten on the playground? Fake app lets kids find 'playdate'

Tindergarten. (SCREENSHOT)

Tindergarten. (SCREENSHOT)

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Oklahoma kindergarten teacher Jennifer Carnley wasn’t the smartest of people when she posted a profile photo of herself with her students on Tinder, an app allows you to search for potential hookups in your area.

But her error has led to the creation of Tindergarten, a parody of the app that allows toddlers to find love in the nearby park, The Daily Dot reports.

“After you learn to wipe, learn to swipe! Looking for your first crush or next sandbox playdate? We’ll find the perfect match,” the app's website states.

On the site, a fake profile is posted for Derek - a six-year-old who enjoys jumping on beds, building forts and running through sprinklers. Under religious beliefs, he lists Santa Claus.

Mustafa Khan, who is behind the fake app, said Tindergarten was inspired by his friends who use Tinder.

”I figured somebody someday would create a dating app for kids, so why not beat them to the punch and make fun of that concept,” he said.

And when will the app be available?

“Coming hopefully never.”