The origami-like Evolution Door that folds away

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Screenshot from "Evolution Door" video. (2014 YouTube, LLC)


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There's no point reinventing the wheel, or so they say. But you can apparently reinvent the door.

Austria-based artist Klemens Torggler has been causing a stir with his most recent invention, "Evolution Door", a hingeless "flip panel" geometric door that opens by squares that rotate at the slightest touch.

Explaining the almost origami-like effect, Torggler says "this system makes it possible to place the squares one upon the other in the final positions of the door."

The designer has been working on inventive doors for years, but this design, realized through a "system with triangles", is his most recent.

Other designs include a "rod" version in which the panels are held together during movement by crisscrossing rods, and an "epitrochoid curve" version in which a wheel is guided along the track when the door is moved.

Torggler has also invented a dividing screen that works on the same principle: connected to the room via a central pole, the panels revolve on their own axis. The screen can be controlled with the touch of a hand.

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