U.S. porn site to accept retailer gift cards as payment for subscriptions

Naughty America. (Website screenshot)

Naughty America. (Website screenshot)

QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 1:18 PM ET

Americans who got a gift card they will never use can now use it to buy porn.

The website Naughty America will accept gift cards from a dozen retail outlets or restaurants, including Starbucks or Target, in exchange for full access to their network of websites. A $15 card will get someone 16 days of membership, while a $100 card will earn someone 344 days.

While the website is for Americans, gift cards purchased in Canada could work on the system if they work with a gift card network called PayGarden. Businesses can sign up to be part of PayGarden and accept the cards as an alternative form of payment.

"Nothing says America like the freedom of choice," Naughty America founder Andreas Hronopoulos said in a release Friday. "This is a great deal for the holidays. Instead of using a gift card for a $5 coffee, you're getting a porn subscription."