LeapFrog unveils wearable tech for kids

Kyle White, ClickOnline.com

, Last Updated: 12:30 PM ET

LeapFrog, best known for its robust, child-oriented tablets, has unveiled a brand new produict that's set for launch later this year at an extremely competitive price.

The LeapBand will mark the company's first step into the world of wearable technology, and with a price tag of around $40, it'll certainly be of interest to plenty of parents. The device will feature a full colour screen that will play host to colourful cartoon characters who'll continually encourage the wearer to be more active, including making suggestions to hop like a kangaroo, or wiggle like a worm. As players engage with the LeapBand, they'll build up points which can be used to unlock additional features, such as a virtual pet they'll need to care for and play with.

Parents will also be able to chart their child's progress via the Band's official app and website, even going so far as to be able to set challenges for them.

Although wearable tech for adults hasn't quite taken off yet, there's a good chance that this will interest both parents and children looking for something different.