Apple gets patent for transparent texting

Daniel Anderson,

, Last Updated: 3:43 PM ET

We all use our phones while wandering around, even if we shouldn't, and there's no denying its a dangerous way to traverse the world, even if you think you've mastered the old one eye peering viewing mode.

Apple might have a solution, with a patent that offers up transparent texting. Basically, the text you're viewing will appear in transparent bubble on the screen with a live feed of your surroundings in the background, direct from your rear mounted camera.

In theory its certainly a good idea, providing you with enough information to not walk into a pole or stumble over your favourite small animal or person. In reality, there are plenty of potential issues - like the brain melt which could be caused by a laggy screen or the trade off between available real estate for the feed and information.

The patent was apparently filed way back in September 2012 and has yet to become a reality but just you wait - it will probably be pitched as the must have feature of the iPhone 6.