Report: Twitter to launch another music service

Twitter appears ready to reveal a new music offering. (AFP PHOTO/LEON NEAL/FILES)

Twitter appears ready to reveal a new music offering. (AFP PHOTO/LEON NEAL/FILES)


, Last Updated: 6:23 PM ET

The microblogging and social media platform might still be in the process of shutting down its initial music streaming app #Music, but that doesn't mean it's walking away from the market or from music lovers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter's second attempt to break into the music business could be unveiled as soon as Friday.

But this time, having learned its lesson, the service will focus on creating and curating the buzz around tracks, albums, artists and events and of essentially driving the conversation.

In other words, playing to its strengths. Pretty much every mainstream musician in the world has a Twitter presence, and, according to the report, Twitter is planning to build on this access with video clips, access to music sharing services and, potentially, some sort of tie-in with Beats Music.

Music streaming is expected to explode this year. As well as the recently launched Beats Music service, YouTube and Apple are both hotly tipped to be launching their own rival services in 2014.

Twitter's take, if the report is accurate, could prove to be the most intelligent. Whichever service consumers choose, or whether they reject streaming altogether in favor of physical media or digital downloads, they're still going to turn to social media to discuss what's happening or as a means of discovering new artists, bands or songs.