LG confirms Google-powered smartwatch


, Last Updated: 12:42 PM ET

LG is keeping the specifications of its forthcoming smartwatch a secret until its official launch but it has provided a teaser image.

And while it is just that, a teaser, it does confirm that it will be a device that harnesses the possibilities of Android Wear, Google's newly announced wearable technology software platform.

This means there are high hopes for it to bring something intuitive and useful to the wearer's wrist rather than simply mirror text and call notifications from a smartphone to a smartwatch screen. Android Wear uses contextual cues to push information and functions to the user when he or she needs them -- for instance if a bus is running late or if the restaurant on the corner has received positive reviews.

It also uses voice commands to perform web searches and answer questions and will be able to automatically support fitness and health apps.

LG says that the watch will be competitively priced and will be launched in the next quarter and that it is confident the watch, which will be called the LG G, has what it takes to have a massive impact on the wearable technology market.

In the meantime, check out the video on Google's new wearable technology platform: http://youtu.be/QrqZl2QIz0c