Blackphone puts privacy front and centre


, Last Updated: 11:19 AM ET

Creators claim that the new handset is the first in the world to put users' privacy and their control of their data above all other features.

As such, it could prove to be a big hit when it is officially unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

Developed in partnership by Geeksphone and Silent Circle, the handset promises users the ability to make and receive secure, private calls, send secure text messages, store sensitive files and to anonymize all web activity through a virtual private network (VPN).

What's more, because its makers have put privacy above all other concerns, including carriers, the phone will come unlocked and will work on any GSM network worldwide.

And because of this preoccupation with data and digital behavior protection, Blackphone's builders will only say that in terms of internal specifications -- i.e., processor, RAM, etc --  is that the phone's performance will be comparable to that of current flagship phones.

All that's certain is that it will run all of its features within a skin "PrivatOS" that will sit over Android.