The smart wristband that costs more than a Ferrari

The Pininfarina-designed smart bracelet will really open doors. (chanpipat/

The Pininfarina-designed smart bracelet will really open doors. (chanpipat/


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Fitness and health trackers that count how many steps you've taken in a day or how many calories have been burned are one thing. But how about a bracelet that counts the steps to an exclusive members club and when you're in proximity, automatically orders your favourite drink?

That's just one of the features being developed for a new 'smart' Armill bracelet, currently being developed by new wearables company Christophe & Co in conjunction with Ferrari design house Pininfarina.

Although the company is currently not prepared to publish images of the prototype, it has confirmed that they will feature precious stones and be inspired by Pininfarina design and a top of the range model will cost $189,000 US.

That's enough to buy an actual Ferrari, but even a set of Ferrari car keys isn't always enough to guarantee entry into the world's top clubs and restaurants. The bracelet will work as a smart VIP card and one capable of ordering drinks, but it will also feature a concierge button so that the wearer has 24-hour access to what the companies describe as a "dedicated lifestyle manager."

The bracelet will sync and tether to a smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC and will use a kinetic energy capture system to keep its batteries charged.

In an interview with Re/code, Christophe & Co CEO Aleksandr Bernhard explained that the sensors and technology within the bracelets will be modular so that it can be removed and upgraded over time without spoiling the device, which is meant to be a piece of male jewelry after all, intact.

The company hopes to make the bracelets available for pre-order this summer and expects them to appeal to Ferrari owners who appreciate design, who are tech savvy and are in search of something unique.