Microsoft is developing a smart bra

Jamie Lumsden,

, Last Updated: 3:41 PM ET

You might remember an article recently posted about a smart wig that is currently under development by Sony, mainly to assist the blind or just hopelessly lost. In much the same frame of mind, Microsoft has been working on a smart bra designed to monitor the wearer's vitals, which a bra just so happens to be perfectly situated to do. Close to the wearer's heart, stomach and other major organs, the smart bra can supposedly detect emotions, communicating them to a smartphone and helping ladies to exercise more control over their moods and stop emotion-driven overeating. Sounds kind of sexist. Or maybe it wasn't until I brought it up...

Maybe you should just read the BBC article; those guys have some class.

Maybe Microsoft can start working on some sort of boxers that help men monitor and control their sex drives. Not that most of us would pay it any attention. That's a war that can't be fought with wearable technology...