Game Boy turns 25

Nintendo Game Boy.

Nintendo Game Boy.

Peter Nelis,

, Last Updated: 1:46 PM ET

Nintendo's original Game Boy celebrates its 25th birthday Monday, having originally been released on April 21, 1989. The device, which has sold an astonishing 118.69 units to date (although we can't imagine that will go too much higher given the fact that it's been succeeded many times over and isn't actually for sale anywhere that we know of) if you count its multiple flavours including the Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Colour.

The device was a massive hit for Nintendo, and alongside its impressive hardware sales, the company managed to shift an astronomical 501.11 million software units for the device... that's half a BILLION games ladies and gentlemen! Certainly not to be sniffed at given the fact that it released when gaming was still in relative infancy and struggling with many image issues.

Perhaps the fact that Nintendo wasn't afraid of pushing gaming as cool back then helped, although looking at the original advert from 1989, we've got plenty of concerns over the 80s definition of cool! With classic titles like Tetris and Super Mario Land to keep gamers happy, the device managed to stick around until it was replaced by the Game Boy advance in 2001, a whopping twelve years later. That's one hell of a life for the brick-esque handheld, and it's one that'll continue to be celebrated for years more we're sure.