'Call of Duty: Ghosts' releases the Kraken

Kraken down on Ghosts in April's

Kraken down on Ghosts in April's "Call of Duty" DLC. (All rights reserved - Activision)


, Last Updated: 10:26 AM ET

Call of Duty: Ghosts might not have a zombies mode, like its immediate predecessor, but November's entry to the long-running shooter series will welcome its own mythical monster.

The Kraken, that terrifying, tentacled Nordic sea creature, becomes one of several centrepieces for the next Call of Duty: Ghosts expansion pack, Devastation, available from April 3 on Xbox consoles, and a month later on PlayStation and PC.

As the second episode in a four-part Extinction mode storyline that's to unfurl over the course of the Ghosts season of expansions, Mayday features both the Kraken and another smaller and more mobile form of alien Cryptid, the gas-spewing Seeder.

The pair join legendary movie manhunter Predator (from the 1987 Schwarzenegger film of the same name), revealed in a trailer released last week.

Four new multiplayer maps are included, one of which is a second pass on the popular Dome level from Modern Warfare 3, while purchasers are also given access to a new weapon, The Ripper, which combines assault rifle and small machine gun capabilities.