'Candy Crush' company expects to be worth $7.6B

Daniel Anderson, ClickOnline.com

, Last Updated: 2:12 PM ET

You might hate it but there's no denying the fact that Candy Crush Saga is one of the most played games in the world, certainly of the last year.

And the mobile game which took over everyone's handsets last year is also the biggest title ever for King Entertainment PLC, the casual game makers with an office in Dublin who are set to float publically in just a couple of short weeks.

According to a report, the company will be selling their 22.2 million shares at a price of up to $24 per share. Doing that math, that means a valuation of $7.6 billion. King's 180 games attracted 144 million users on average every day in February. Right now, a lot of that is Candy Crush, with the papers confirming that three quarters of King's revenue comes from that one game.

The company has stirred up controversy in recent months for its aggressive pursuit of any title they think violates their copywright, including suing the makers of a game for daring to have the word 'Saga' in their title. That led to a shift in public opinion against King, though we'll have to wait and see if that has any effect on the stock exchange offering.

King will go public on March 25th, with stock available from March 25th. It might be quite the hot ticket.