Buy 'Flappy Bird' for $90,000+

Daniel Anderson,

, Last Updated: 5:08 PM ET

So it has actually happened. Mobile gaming sensation Flappy Bird has gone the way of the dodo.

After several tweets on the matter, the games creator Dong Nguyen has taken the decision to remove the game from Google Play and the Apple App Store. This is in reaction to the negative experience some players have been having, up to and including destroying handsets when the uncompromising game didn't go their way.

But if you didn't download it before it was removed and you're rich to the point of insanity, you can buy a handset with the game already installed. For hundreds of dollars. There are currently a number of listings on eBay for people selling iPhones with Flappy Bird. One of the listings has the current bid for an iPhone 5 with the game at over $90,000.

On Twitter, Nguyen had called out people for "overusing" the game - which could be read in a number of different ways. But the most likely is that the indie developer just intended Flappy Bird as a momentary distraction, the kind of game you play between stops on the train or for a few minutes while waiting for something more interesting to happen.

Instead, players became obsessed with getting high scores and a syndrome known as Flappy Bird Rage...

So the game is gone, and Nguyen is still active on Twitter working towards his next title.

Flappy Bird is apparently still available on Windows Phones and if you're on Android you can easily find the .APK files in the wilds of the Internet and download it.

If you're on iPhone... just find something else to do with your life.