What if you could 'save' in real life?

"Don't Forget to Save First! - Life Hacking." (Video Screenshot)

Mark O'Beirne, ClickOnline.com

, Last Updated: 11:07 AM ET

YouTuber Warialasky has put many people's dream of being able to save in real life to the test in this video that shows the benefits and drawbacks.

Those who live by the YOLO mantra would appreciate such a feature in life. It's a little like Groundhog Day, or the early phase of it at least, where you can make mistakes, re-load and learn from those mistakes.

Of course, just like in video games, there are occasional moments where it takes an extreme feat of skill or luck to escape what seems like an inevitable outcome. The video poses the question, "Are second chances always a positive thing?" Either way, we'd still appreciate being able to save and load at will...and it seems less messy than time travel.