Parody Lego adaptation of 'The Last of Us'

Joel and Ellie and lots and lots of bricks

Joel and Ellie and lots and lots of bricks

Daniel Anderson,

, Last Updated: 9:26 AM ET

Alright, alright - we didn't love The Last of Us as much as some people. May our hair fall out, our backs be ever hunched and our days spent in a dark room without windows.

Too late.

Naughty Dog's action/survival/clicker-killer was undoubtedly an impressive game and earned legions of fans on its release early in 2013. And popularity breed parody. Accomplished YouTuber Brian Anderson is already responsible for a terrific block filled riff on AMC's Breaking Bad and now he's turned his attention to a dark future of shooting, sneaking and hearts that give you health.

Check out the video below for a look at Anderson's take on The Last of Us, which includes some great references to the game as well as a plenty of nods to the LEGO action series of games. And stick around for that closing sting, it's a good one.

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