Pair of 'Titanfall' trailers reveal two new mechs

Human and huge machine:

Human and huge machine: "Titanfall" (All rights reserved - Respawn Ent. / EA)


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The humongous and heavy armoured Ogre stands in contrast to the fast moving, nimble Stryder, two new war machines coming to March 2014 game Titanfall.

Players can take part as human foot soldiers, leaping from roof to roof or scrambling for strategic positions, or squeeze inside one of Hammond Robotics' walking tanks and really give their team a leg up.

The project is the first from Respawn Entertainment, formed by the co-founders of Infinity Ward, known for its Call of Duty legacy.

With Destiny moving to September rather than early 2014, the path is clear for Titanfall to dominate as the sci-fi space marine clompy clompy lets go stompy game of choice in March.

One caveat -- you'll need access to a Microsoft machine in order to play, whether that be an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or suitably capable Windows PC. All others will have to wait on the next game in the series in order to have a go.

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