Sizzle out the winter blahs with the hottest new tech

GoPro in action. (

GoPro in action. (

Syd Bolton, Special to QMI Agency

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It's been a long, cold winter.

It doesn't matter that it technically isn’t the most dreadful, cold winter on record because it feels that way. With spring officially around the corner (even though it may not look like it), I thought I would share some technology items I recommend you check out to help combat the last remaining winter blahs.

If you have joined the ranks of gamers coming back to the PC as platform of choice, you're likely going to want to equip yourself with the best possible gaming headset. Sennheiser's brand new "G4ME ZERO" is a professional solution that also comes with a bit of a professional price (around $300). The sound quality is amazing, and the included microphone and XXL ear cups are a welcome addition. It's also light in weight, robust, and comes with a nice carrying case to take with you to the latest LAN party.

If you're suffering from a lack of sunlight and a gnarly Vitamin D deficiency, I don't think colourful cables will help, but they might just brighten your mood anyways. Available in seven different colours (including red, orange, green, light blue, purple, pink and grey) and available in both three and six foot lengths, the phone chargers from Color Cables also glow in the dark! While it might seem a little strange, the soft ambient self-illuminating glow from these cables is just enough to help you find your phone in the middle of the night if you have left it charging in the kitchen or even on the night stand. The flat cable design also means they are durable and tangle free. There are two connectors that seem to cover any wireless device you may own, including one for iPhones or iPads and the other for any Micro USB device such as Android, BlackBerry or Windows phones.

Whether it's at the gym or outside, exercising with headphones on can be both annoying and dangerous. The Jaba Sport Wireless Plus Bluetooth headset is designed specifically with the sports enthusiast in mind.

The over the ear design is intended to lock in and does not leave cords dangling. A wireless connection to your phone or music player means there is no chance of you catching the wire on yourself or a piece of fitness equipment, and there’s even a built-in FM radio that allows you to listen to content without having another device. With a suggested list price of $99, the Jaba Sport Wireless Plus has been tested against U.S. military standards for rain, shock and dust resistance and includes seven different silicone eargels to provide the optimal fit for anyone's ears.

You might want to get geared up for the all the fun adventures you are going to have once the better weather hits, and what better way to capture all those moments than with a GoPro camera? A quick visit to their website will treat you to a smorgasbord of life events all captured with a high definition camera that is small and can be mounted to a variety of things to catch on the go. The GoPro is used to record television shows and web shows alike, but it's also been priced so that pretty much anyone with an interest in video cameras can own it (pricing in Canada starts around $280). Highly recommended.

Music is usually the best medicine for getting one out of a funk and making your own is even better. The upcoming Auug motion synth is definitely worth taking a look at. Connecting to your iPhone or iPod Touch, Auug consists of a grip and a specialized app. You can play notes on the touch screen and then alter the sound through the motion of your body. It allows anyone to play music that sounds great without the complexities of having to learn and master a traditional instrument. 'm envisioning Auug bands already!

If you don't think buying something will help you get over the winter hump, perhaps the free countdown to Spring at My Countdown will help. No matter what, Spring is definitely on the way so hang in there!


Syd Bolton is the curator of the Personal Computer Museum ( and the Manager of Information Technology at ACIC / Methapharm. You can reach him via-email at or on Twitter @sydbolton.